Original uniform is not only hard to find and therefore expensive,  but it tends  not to fit the modern body shape unless you are very lucky.

We all wear good quality reproduction uniform which can be bought from outlets such as Soldier of Fortune and Epic Militaria, amongst others.


The Basic Uniform is made up of battle dress (BDU) pattern 37 or 40.

Shirt, Collared, khaki

Tie, Green Woollen.

Service dress (SD) Cap with CMP cap badge and Red cap cover

Ammo boots

MP armlet (Worn on Right arm)

Whistle (worn left breast pocket)

Pattern 37 Webbing belt and cross strap (white for TC duties)

Gaiters, pattern 37, (White for TC duties)

Webley .38 pistol with lanyard (White/Brown)

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The Basic uniform is made up of Service dress (SD) pattern 37 or 40

Service dress cap (SD) With ATS cap badge and red cap cover

Shirt collared, khaki

Tie, brown


brown shoes

MP armlet